Bing Maps Biz Leads Extension

Unlock unlimited business leads for FREE with Bing Maps Biz Leads, your go-to Chrome extension for streamlined data extraction from Bing Maps. Simplify your lead generation process and uncover valuable business information with just a few clicks.

Bing Maps Biz Leads: Your Ultimate Free Solution for Unlimited Leads Extraction!

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1. Expertise

Bing Maps Biz Leads is your ultimate solution for unlimited leads extraction, designed to streamline the process of gathering business data from Bing Maps. This powerful Chrome extension allows users to effortlessly collect valuable information such as business names, phone numbers, websites, addresses, and even emails from Bing Maps search results.

How It Works:

Download and Installation: Users can download the extension from our website and unzip it. To install, simply enable developer mode in Chrome, load the extension as an unpacked extension, and pin it to the Chrome toolbar.

Search and Start Extraction: Once installed, users can navigate to Bing Maps and search for businesses in their desired location. Upon finding relevant search results, users can click on the Bing Maps Biz Leads extension icon to activate it.

Simple Interface:

The extension features a user-friendly interface with just two buttons: Start and Stop Extraction. Users can start the extraction process with a single click.

Scroll and Collect Data:

Users can scroll through the search results and click on the "Next" button to load more businesses. The extension will swiftly collect data in real-time as users navigate through the search results.

Unlimited Data Collection:

There's no limit to the number of records users can extract. They can continue scrolling and clicking through search results to collect an unlimited amount of business data.

Export Results:

Once the data collection is complete, users can simply click on the "Stop Extraction" button. The extension will compile all the collected data into an Excel spreadsheet, which users can download for further analysis and use.

About Us:

At Devlet, we're dedicated to providing innovative solutions that empower users to enhance their productivity and efficiency. The Bing Maps Biz Leads extension exemplifies our commitment to developing tools that simplify complex tasks and streamline workflows.

Feedback and Suggestions:

We value user feedback and strive to continuously improve our products. If you have any suggestions, feature requests, or feedback regarding the Bing Maps Biz Leads extension, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Your input is essential in helping us shape the future of our products.

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Requirements - Tools

* Google Chrome Browser

* IDE or Text Editor of Your Choice

Setup Instructions - For Developers & End Users

1- Google Chrome Browser

2- Open Chrome Browser

3- In a new or blank tab, type in "chrome://extensions/" (without the quotes of course) and click [Enter].

4- At the top right corner of the page, enable "Developer Mode"

5- Click the button on the page that says "Load Unpacked"

6- Navigate to your unzipped project folder and select that and hit OK.

7- You are now ready to start working on the extension! Just make sure you reload after each change you make to see the changes take place.