SEO Overview

Domotz partnered with Devlet, a leading SEO agency, to enhance brand engagement and visibility of ad-supported content on their IoT monitoring and management platform. Their objectives included boosting account signups, website traffic, video engagement time, and views on The Domotz Channel's web version. Devlet executed SEO strategies, leading to increased brand loyalty and revenue growth for this IoT solutions provider and VOD streaming service brand.

Our team implemented prioritized strategies that led to enhanced organic and overall traffic, along with improved placements in the knowledge panel within the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for The Domotz Channel,, Domotz Support, and Domotz Community.

“With the support of Devlet, we effectively met deadlines and executed the launch of new products. Their holiday marketing initiatives also generated positive outcomes. Together, the team showcased a collaborative approach and upheld an efficient workflow.”

Giancarlo Fanelli, CEO of Domotz, Inc.

SEO Improvements

After implementing security enhancements on The Domotz Channel’s website, Devlet submitted the website pages to search engines for indexing. All pages were optimized to adhere to search engines’ content standards and the latest algorithm updates. Devlet addressed website issues such as crawl issues, content bloats, redirects, and cache issues. Additionally, they optimized images, videos, and source codes, and added title tags, meta descriptions, and alt image attributes across the pages. Devlet also provided SEO improvement recommendations to the client for Domotz Support and Domotz Community websites.

Throughout our collaboration, Devlet ensured that Domotz’s content remains visible to search engines and shoppers, regardless of cookies and JavaScript support. Revised schema codes for Domotz Support were shared with the client to further enhance traffic and the brand’s search visibility.

Devlet's team analyzed user behavior metrics for each of Domotz’s website pages and proposed optimizations to enhance the website content. A/B testing was conducted on Domotz’s landing and checkout pages. To augment traffic to The Domotz Channel, Devlet offered the client optimized content. Optimized metadata signals were provided to inform search engines about what visitors can expect to see on each page. Devlet supplied title tags and meta descriptions for all the content they delivered. Schema codes for Domotz Originals series and their respective titles were also provided to the client.


Domotz aimed to expand their business divisions, enhance customer engagement, increase organic traffic, and improve keyword ranking positions and search engine visibility. Devlet’s SEO and development team recommended redirect strategies for missing pages and non-canonical URLs, along with XML sitemap enhancements for Domotz Community and Domotz Support. Additionally, they resized and optimized numerous images on that were identified as excessively large by Google, resulting in enhanced performance.

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Increase in Total Keyword Ranking

In December 2021, we commenced link building for Domotz when their total ranking keywords were around 3,200. Following a year-long campaign emphasizing link building and strategic content creation, Domotz witnessed significant growth in their ranking keywords, surpassing 5,700. This marks an impressive increase of 78%.

Keyword Rankings Table (Semrush)

Using on-page SEO tactics and link building, content created by Page One Power ranks for 13.8% of keywords in the top ten. Domain impressions increased from 512,066 to 630,186, and “network monitoring software” increased from below 40 to 23.

Keyword Rankings Table (Semrush)

Additionally, our link building enables Domotz to gain new keywords in their space. Below are the new keywords Domotz now ranks in the top 20 for:

Lastly, our link building efforts helped improve Domotz’s backlink profile. The average DA of Domotz’s links is 25, while the average DA of P1P links is 53. Improving the backlink profile increases authority, which signals to Google that Domotz is worthy of ranking in SERPs.

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